Abnet Computer Support Services (ACSS), is a self-funded organization which was founded in 2002 by Managing Director Frank Rawson.

ACSS has prided itself by providing superior IT support services and supplying comprehensive IT solutions within Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Western Cape and Eastern Cape regions.

The company has formed long-term partnerships with some of the most successful Businesses in South Africa and focuses on supplying businesses/end users with the most reputable brands available on the market. This is made possible with the formation of our solid partnerships and relationships we have with some of South Africa’s leading vendors.

ACSS also focusses on innovative and lean solutions which are backed by quality and value added services. We offer cost-effective and efficient solutions, which match a company’s individual needs. Thus providing everything from hardware to software and are backed by a solid reputation for the finest customer service, support, warranties and maintenance in South Africa.

We have consolidated numerous partnerships with other IT companies from all over South Africa and strive to supply their clients with the same quick customer service and support as we do our own clients.
Our IT experience expands over a vast range of industries, from banking and financial, logistics to pharmaceutical and marketing companies.

There is no industry that we cannot handle/manage.