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End User IT Support Procedure

IT Support Request Process [Office Hours]

Methods for logging support requests:
Option 1: Just pop a mail to support@abnet.co.za and a ticket will be created in our ticketing system.

Option 2 Tray Icon: Report an Issue using "Abnet CSS Connect2Help”

1. Right-click the ACSS Icon

2. Select: “Report an Issue”

3. A new email will open up with a screenshot of the active window with any error messages you

may have received

4. Within the email a short list of support-related questions needs to be completed to assist with

speedy issue resolution

5. The email “To:” field will contain the Abnet Computer Support Services Helpdesk email address. Once the questions have been completed you may send the email a support ticket will be logged with Abnet CSS
Should the tray icon not be avalible to you please send a mail to support@abnet.co.za and we will get it on for you ASAP. 


Option 3 Phone Helpdesk (only if you are unable to email):

1. Phone 011 4656019011 4656019

2. State the following:

a. Brief description of the problem

b. The name of the software application (if applicable)

c. Error message (if applicable)

d. Affected Users: All / Many / Just yourself


IT Support Request Process [After Hours]

For critical support issues which occur after hours, a ticket can be logged directly with the Abnet CSS standby engineer (Please note that After Hours labour rates apply)


Standby Engineer: 082 5602718082 5602718

Issue Tracking

A unique ticket reference is generated once a support request is logged with the Abnet CSS

Helpdesk. Progress can be tracked by referencing this ticket number when contacting the helpdesk

for feedback.

The above steps ensure that support requests are dealt with promptly and efficiently.

Yours sincerely,


The Abnet Computer Support Services Team


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